February 13, 2020


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly. By 2025, there will be 75.44 billion connected devices. As the high-speed internet becomes common, connecting smart devices becomes easy and economical. IoT devices communicate with application software, industrial systems and people.

At the enterprise level, IoT can be used to connect employees, departments and facilities etc. enabling instant collaboration with endless possibilities. Since the communication data is readily available, analytics can be performed to optimize and improve processes, methodologies and workflow.

iAOS IoT Framework

iAOS has developed an IoT Framework as a foundation architecture that could be used as a building block and can quickly be customized to develop and deploy customer’s IoT solutions. iAOS IoT framework helps build IoT devices in a fast pace manner by accelerating the development cycle and reducing the time required to deploy the product which helps trigger innovation. iAOS IoT Framework facilitates system Integration and caters an ultra-quick concept-to-prototyping workflow, as a part of readily deployable, scalable and adaptive solution to customer requirements.

Business Intelligence

By using iAOS IoT framework, product vendors can immediately start monitoring the surplus amount of data present within the organization which will enable them to expand their capabilities and start getting the benefits of big data.

Data Security

Client’s data and information security is considered one of the highest priorities at iAOS Solutions and is integral part of its IoT framework. These measures allow the clients to securely communicate between smart devices in a trouble-free environment. These protocols are industry standard for the safest communication possible.

User Interface

iAOS IoT Framework provides highly customizable user interface (UI) for the device data to be monitored, archived and analyzed. iAOS UI is web-based and hence there is no need to install a native application. This also reduces the integration time within the organization’s IT infrastructure as there is no need to bypass security protocols to communicate with the iAOS IoT data repositories. Being a web-based application, all the communication happens using standard secure HTTPS protocols. This helps with fast deployment and adaptability within the organization.

iAOS IoT Integration

There is lot of data flowing through organizations in the form of inventory, business logic and workflow management. This data is either cloud based or local. With the help of IoT, this data can be streamlined, organized and structured to be used for sound business decisions. Hence, integrating IoT in the enterprise workflow is very important. iAOS IoT platform can help organizations to combine various data points and workflows into one contextual view.

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Instant Connectivity

With established and proven backhaul connection, iAOS IoT platform can offer clients instant connectivity with the use of IoT devices and display the information to one endpoint. This data can then be used to understand customer’s preference and product features can be altered to meet the expectations and hence increasing the customer satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

Due to the flexible and scalable architecture, iAOS IoT platform can be used in a variety of applications and industries. For clients, since the platform is already fully developed and tested, it reduces development efforts and associated cost which eventually reduces time to market constraints.

Communication Protocols

iAOS IoT platform relies on standard protocols in backhaul and front-end communication. This makes integration with other organization’s infrastructure a breeze. With common protocols, organizations can easily connect to iAOS IoT platform and start reaping the benefits of connected devices right away. iAOS platform utilize of all forms of data communication and networking protocols with end-to-end secured communication including but limited to:

  • Mobile communication network
  • PLC (Power Line Communication)
  • LoRa, WiFi

Cloud Storage

iAOS IoT framework provides cloud-based storage to our clients. Once the clients start receiving data from various IoT devices, this data can be stored in iAOS cloud-based repositories for future processing thus eliminating the need of any physical hardware being present on the client’s premises.

Real-time Analytics

All IoT projects require real-time or near real-time data analytics. iAOS IoT Framework provides model and report-based data analysis. The user can monitor the data in real-time and make intelligent business decisions on the fly.

Mobile Support

Mobile support is integral part of any organization’s workflow processes. Since iAOS IoT platform is simple to adopt in any organization’s infrastructure, it is pertinent that the iAOS IoT platform supports mobile environments. With a mobile friendly backhaul, iAOS IoT platform easily integrates with the existing architecture of the organization. With the support of Desktop and Mobile platforms, clients can have a centralized view of the data streams from their devices.

iAOS IoT Services

iAOS Solutions provide various IoT related solutions to their clients. Regardless of the size of organization, iAOS Solutions work on each aspect of IoT design and implementation to provide end-to-end solution. iAOS Solutions have an expert team of architect and engineers who have decades of experience in the areas of Telecom, Avionics, Automotive, Energy etc. who can guide and educate customers in designing the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our customers. iAOS Solutions foster close relationship with many research teams across the North America in research and development (R&D) efforts to innovate novel technology and solutions for the customers. iAOS Solutions tap into resources at their sister organizations around the globe that allow them to design very cost-effective and high-quality solutions for the customers.


iAOS Solutions work on the design phase of the IoT project with the client. Analyzing all the business requirements. The client’s end goals are then evaluated. iAOS will also analyze client’s IT infrastructure to see how best to integrate potential solutions. Everything is documented and approved in the design phase of the project.


iAOS Solutions has their own manufacturing facilities. So, all the IoT projects that iAOS does, the device manufacturing is done in-house. We have facilities here in the US and are proud to manufacture products in home. This comes with added benefit of making changes quickly and responding to customer’s need in a timely manner.


Using iAOS Solutions’ customizable IoT framework, solution is developed, tested and deployed. This is done as a part of agile development methodology where the solution is divided into bi-weekly sprints and progress is evaluated incrementally. Due to the agile development process, any deviation in the project can be tracked and corrected early minimizing the time and cost related issues.


iAOS Solutions continue to provide support to their clients after the project is deployed. Other than regular maintenance tasks like data backup, feature enhancements and bug fixes, iAOS also does data analytics to foresee any scaling issues and then optimize the solution to meet the expectations.

iAOS IoT Products


iAOS Solutions provide IoT services to a wide variety of clients and vendors. Besides these services, iAOS Solutions also market IoT devices which have been manufactured in-house. These IoT devices contain iAOS propriety IoT Framework, back-haul and User Interface. As with everything that iAOS does, these devices are highly customizable and easy to include in any organization’s infrastructure.

Apart from highly advanced microprocessor, these IoT devices contain various sensors to fill the requirements of a variety of applications and industries. Some of these sensors include gyroscope, pressure and GPS sensors. The gyroscope sensor gives the user a true 3-dimensional rotational information. The pressure sensor can be used to determine ambient temperature, pressure and altitude. GPS sensor gives GPS co-ordinates in terms of latitude and longitude.

Since all these products are highly customizable, creating a specific combination of sensors based on the customer input is extremely simple. All these devices communicate to user interface via iAOS IoT framework which can be adopted to any industry or organization.