April 21, 2016

Software Development




iAOS Solutions has solid skills and deep expertise in developing feature-rich custom web based and desktop applications. Our experience in Business Process Management, Automation, Data Analysis, Process Streamlining, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.

At iAOS Solutions, we look past the development of stand-alone software applications. We specialize in taking and making your business processes online.

The software developers at iAOS Solutions are passionate about the technology that is driving the modern world. They are all qualified professionals with expert knowledge of database technologies and programming languages.

The latest technologies used at iAOS Solutions are focused on delivering solutions and services to clients that offers high level of consistency in quality and performance by choosing the right technology platform. iAOS Solutions has expertise in following technologies:

Microsoft ASP.NET Technology

Amazon Web Services

JavaScript Development

Oracle Technology Expertise

MySQL Technology

PHP Web Application Development

Full Stack Development

C, C++ and C#




Some of Our Work


  • iAOS MANagr is a planning tool and it keeps track of projects as they go through various stages of product development life-cycle. In its current implementation, iAOS MANagr uses three sources i.e. PLANNING, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING and BUDGET to analyze project progress.

  • Among others, following are the key features of iAOS MANagr:

    – Connecting Data Sources and grouping them together.
    – Display Dashboard(s), Charts and user customizable views for Project analysis.
    – User defined report generation.


iAOS ANAlyzr

  • iAOS ANAlyzr is reporting tool that has many different reports that helps on field and off field RAN engineer. iAOS ANAlyzr provides audit functionality via reports so that one can cross check whether the site is ON-AIR or OFF-AIR. iAOS ANAlyzr also has tool report that is useful for different technology database against Global DB.
  • iAOS ANAlyzr display errors counts for the sites based on different business rules i.e. RAN engineers report errors to the Field Engineer for sites based on the iAOS ANAlyzr reports’ counts so Field Engineer can fix the errors.
  • It supports many report formats and new report formats are planned for future development.
  • Summary reports are the key reports of iAOS ANAlyzr because they summarize all the reports.





  • iAOS UPDATR is a centralized scripting tool. iAOS UPDATR tracks and updates backend data required for proper functioning of automated tools. The data update functionality is achieved via scheduled batch scripting.
  • iAOS UPDATR presents scripts’ results in a graphical format for a clear presentation. iAOS UPDATR helps users download log file(s) of specific tools and to get a detailed description about the update process.
  • The main advantage of using iAOS UPDATR is to identify any failures that might have happened in the update process and to rectify them before the clients.
  • iAOS UPDATR is a centralize scripting tool which gives DBAs, Developers, QA and Support engineers better approach to detect and solve issues.
  • iAOS UPDATR provides reliability to users by data integrity of the automated tools.